Nine Panels


As part of Glasgow Comic Con we’re delighted to announce the return of 9 Panels, an intimate industry conference at the Centre for Contemporary Art designed for students, amateurs and semi-pros to gain insight into the comics industry.

This year 9 Panels will be focus will be ‘Breaking in | Standing Out’.

We have a fantastic line-up of guests, including artist Amy Reeder (Batwoman, Moon Girl), comic academic and creator Fionuala Doran (Teesside University, The Trial of Roger Casement), writer John Wagner (Judge Dread, Rok of the Reds) and artist Frank Quitely.

9 Panels will also offer discussions on marketing and funding indie comics from experienced comic creators, as well as an opportunity to pitch your work to Comichaus and have your portfolio reviewed by BHP Comics.

9 Panels is a great place to make contacts and learn how to take your next step towards success!

Buy tickets for 9 Panels now.