When does Glasgow Comic Con take place?

The seventh annual Glasgow Comic Con will take place on Saturday, July 1st 2017.

Where is Glasgow Comic Con held?

Glasgow Comic Con is delighted to announce its return to the the Royal Concert Hall.

In the heart of Glasgow city centre, the Royal Concert Hall is really easy to find! The closest train station is Queen Street, though we’re just a five-minute walk from Glasgow Central and Buchanan Bus Station is just across the road!

How do I get a ticket and how much are they? Can I pay on the door?

Tickets for Glasgow Comic Con 2017 are on sale now.

You can buy tickets via Eventbrite. Please visit our dedicated tickets page for more details.

Am I allowed to take photographs and video?

Yes, snap away! However we expect our attendees to ask before they take pictures of anyone else. As long as you’re respectful, most cosplayers will be happy to pose for photographers.

If you’re active on social media, be sure to use this year’s official convention hashtag – #GCC17. We’d love to see the convention through your eyes!

Are you the same as MCM Scotland Comic Con?

If we had a penny for everytime we were asked that question… no, we’re not! There are now several comic conventions through Scotland, which is great, but it’s important to know which one you’ve bought a ticket for!

We’re a local comic con, organised and run by Glasgow-based publishers Black Hearted Press. MCM Scotland is part of a London-based company called MCM Expo Group, who run conventions throughout the UK. They are not part of Glasgow Comic Con.

What we’re most proud of is that, while a lot of conventions focus on the movies and comic culture, the stars of our conventions remain comic book creative teams.

Is there a cash machine at the venue?

There isn’t a cash machine inside the Royal Concert Hall, however there are cashpoints at Buchanan Bus Station, which is directly behind the venue or just a minute’s walk away on Sauchiehall Street.